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Presentation: "Data at the Speed of your Users"

Track: Solution Track / Time: Friday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Margrethe

Volume of data is growing exponentially across all industries and it is only as good as the intelligence we can glean from it. Moreover, to react timely there is an increasing demand to look for things in real time, throughout the day.

In this talk, we will discuss challenges related to processing, storing and accessing Big Data in real time and how Apache Cassandra and Apache Spark can help building highly available, scalable platform which makes that data immediately available for subsequent query.

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Rustam Aliyev, Solution Architect at Datastax

Rustam Aliyev

Biography: Rustam Aliyev

Rustam Aliyev is a Solution Architect at DataStax, the commercial company behind Apache Cassandra. Prior to DataStax he held a number of software engineering and architect roles, focusing on building distributed backend and cloud services. Rustam holds MSc in Management of Information Systems from Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

Twitter: @rstml