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Presentation: "Patterns for scalability and availability in (trading) systems"

Track: Case Studies / Time: Thursday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Margrethe

Michel will in this session walk through a number of useful nontraditional approaches and architectural patterns to building systems that combine high availability, high throughput and low latency. This covers approaches used in large scale trading systems where there are requirements to process hundreds of thousands of business events per second and reliably react to them whilst capturing and reacting to thousands of business transactions per second while maintain and distributing data to tens of thousands of concurrent users in an environment where milliseconds matter.

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Michel André, CTO at Saxo Bank

Michel André

Biography: Michel André

Michel André is CTO at Saxo Bank an investment bank providing online multi asset class trading services for a wide variety of clients globally. Michel has a 20 year background as a leader, senior technologist and architect in the financial services industry working with exchange technology, OTC trading, DMA broker networks, retail trading, market making and other areas requiring extreme reliability, scalability while retaining low latency and high throughput. Michel has been paramount in designing and rearchitecting existing and systems of different kinds related to all kinds of trading and risk management for massively increased scalability, low latency and extreme throughput over a number of large projects and programmes of work. Always aligning business needs with technology usage. Michel has a keen interest in both the academic side of application architecture; infrastructure architecture, distributed systems and the more pragmatic side of actually making things work in reality. Previous employers and customers include amongst others NeoNet, Swedbank Markets, OMX Technologies, Stockholm Stock Exchange, Entra Capital solutions.

Twitter: @michelandre71