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Presentation: "Reactive Programming Models for IoT"

Track: Case Studies / Time: Thursday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Margrethe

The predicted explosive growth of the Internet of Things presents complex problems for the Java developer in both infrastructure demands and user experience. The Reactive Manifesto ( and Reactive Programming paradigms such as micro-services and reactive extensions/streams hold tremendous promise as a means to rapidly evolve these systems with scalability and resiliency as primary attributes. In this session, we shall: (1) explore a hands on approach to bringing these concepts to a handful of IoT use cases, (2) introduce a new project called Katalyst geared at making IoT-scale problems tractable and letting developers get back to making cool concepts a reality, and (3) show how easy it truly can be to develop solutions that scale, evolve, and seamlessly communicate.

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Todd Montgomery, Chief Architect at Kaazing

Todd Montgomery

Biography: Todd Montgomery

Todd Montgomery is a networking hacker who has researched, designed, and built numerous protocols, messaging-oriented middleware systems, and real-time data systems, done research for NASA, contributed to the IETF and IEEE, and co-founded two startups. He currently works for Kaazing as Chief Architect.

Twitter: @toddlmontgomery