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Presentation: "Agile Project Management for Government: Agile adoption in the US and UK governments a comparative review."

Track: Leaders Track: Team, Values, Contracting / Time: Wednesday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Pendulum

Governments on both sides of the Atlantic have committed to introducing agile change management for faster results with cheaper implementation at lower risk.

  • Review of the latest national and international empirical research studies on agile adoption in government
  • Case studies of government attempts to be agile in the US and UK
  • Comparison of US and UK government rules, regulations and strategies that have affected the take-up and success of agile

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Brian Wernham, Author of "Agile Project Management for Government"

Brian Wernham

Biography: Brian Wernham

Brian Wernham has more than 30 years' experience in adaptive project leadership. He is an independent consultant and works in both the public sector and the private sector. He has extensive international experience, having worked in the USA, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany and on offshore development in Bangalore.

By the time that the term 'agile' was first coined, Brian had already been successfully leading iterative, adaptive projects for over 10 years on both sides of the Atlantic. He works as a hands-on program manager and has real-world implementation expertise together with a comprehensive understanding of the related international research. He has consulted for major strategic international organizations such as Gartner Group, the National Audit Office in London and Seer Technologies in North Carolina. His comprehensive public sector experience includes the Department for International Development, the World Bank, the United Nations (Geneva), and local government authorities.

Brian is a Fellow of the Association for Project Management, a Fellow of the BCS and has a MBA from Henley Management College. He applies adaptive planning approaches as an offshore Yachtmaster and as a keen off-piste skier. He is currently consulting for the UK Government in London.

Twitter: @brianukulele