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Workshop: "Agile Software Design using Pen and Paper"

Track: Agile Training / Time: Tuesday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Annum

Designing software before coding is outdated? True design is when software is grown guided by tests? Wait a minute! Maybe that's throwing out the baby with the bath. Maybe that's a common belief because of premise that should be questioned. Maybe that premise is you need to use load of UML and OOA/D for design.

But what if the premise is changed? What if you could use an approach directly leading from requirements to design, and then to code? What if the design was naturally retained in code?

There is hope that thinking before coding actually helps. Less refactoring due to well thought out structures gives you more time to actually implement features. Watch how this can be done with the cheapest tools available: pen and paper.

Ralf Westphal, One Man Think Tank

Ralf Westphal

Biography: Ralf Westphal

Ralf Westphal is a freelance consultant, project coach, and trainer on software architectural topics and team organization. He is the author of more than 500 publications since 1998. Together with his colleague Stefan Lieser he is the co-founder of the "Clean Code Developer" initiative to increase software quality; also Ralf is working as one of the

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