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Presentation: "Building an in-house Heroku"

Track: Continuous Integration & Delivery / Time: Thursday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Millennium A

As SoundCloud has grown to almost a hundred engineers and both in scope and size it has become difficult to maintain engineering effectiveness. We have found the best way to maintain effectiveness in the face of large products and codebases is to move to a service oriented architecture. In this talk we will present Bazooka, a Platform that we have developed inside of SoundCloud to manage and run 12factor applications. It let’s engineers focus on application code, deploy to production with one single command and autoscale server.

Keywords: Continuous Deployment, Cluster Scheduling, Devops, PaaS
Talk Level: Advanced

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Alexander Simmerl, Infrastructure Engineer at SoundCloud

Alexander Simmerl

Biography: Alexander Simmerl

Is one of the very first SoundCloud engineers and has worked over the years on a lot of different scaling aspects of SoundCloud - from stream of activities to http caching and CDN integration. He has a special interest in the programming language Go and never works more than 300 meters away from his favorite coffee shop. In his free time you can find him in one of Berlins various techno clubs, beat-boxing in kitchens at house-parties, or watching the latest movies wherever a screen is.

Twitter: @goldjunge

Matt Proud, Backend Engineer at SoundCloud

Matt Proud

Biography: Matt Proud

Originally from the United States, Matt has worked as an infrastructure engineer for Google and recently joined SoundCloud in late 2012 after relocating to Berlin, Germany. In his spare time, he enjoys baking, urban exploring, and hacking on various software projects.

Twitter: @khanreaper