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Presentation: "Hostile waters - why culture reefs sink agile ships"

Track: Leaders Track: Team, Values, Contracting / Time: Wednesday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Pendulum

Again and again, attempts to introduce agile methods into companies fail. One prevalent reason for this is the "clash of cultures" between Agile and the predominant culture within a firm. To avoid failure, it is important to know the starting point of one's organization. This presentation outlines different "stereotyped" cultures which exist and discusses their main characteristics and allows proper judgment of your own. While there may exist different subcultures in different departments, there is usually one omnipresent core culture. Each of the outlined cultures have their own successful transition paths to Agile. This talk points out, how the transition from one culture to Agile is accomplished and which exemplary “To Do's” should not be missed. In addition, a general approach to tackle cultural change is explained. However, this talk does not provide a blue print for your own Agile transition – there is no "silver bullet".

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Dominik Maximini, Agile Impediment Solver

Dominik Maximini

Biography: Dominik Maximini

Dominik Maximini is an experienced Scrum Master and Coach who helps teams to live the values of Scrum. His vision is to bring the agile values - like openness and honesty - into companies. As a Senior Consultant of NovaTec GmbH, he has been and is facilitating long-term Scrum transitions with large and small organizations.