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Presentation: "Lean Startup: "Perseverance" vs. "Genchi Gembutsu""

Track: Leaders Track: Lean Startup & Innovation / Time: Thursday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Pendulum

You may choose to attend my presentation based on this abstract. Therefore this is my minimum viable product (MVP) for you. With an MVP, Startups can quickly test if customers like the product:

The myth goes that the more perseverance, brilliance, good timing and a good product, the higher the chance for success. I will show you why exactly the opposite is true: Survival is highly correlated with the successful application of the "Build-Measure-Learn Feedback Loop". The fact that this process can be learned and taught is the final kill of the myth. I will focus on "genchi gembutsu" or "go and see for yourself" which enables you to test an MVP based on deep first hand knowledge.

You can reach me under fredi(at) and let me know if my MVP meets your expectations and if not, what you miss. Please note that my presentation addresses both ICT and non-ICT people.

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Fredi Schmidli, Entrepreneur, Business Angel & Leaders Coach

Fredi Schmidli

Biography: Fredi Schmidli

Fredi Schmidli is a free-spirited Entrepreneur, Business Angel and Leaders Coach. He sets up and invests in Startups in Health Care and ICT. Fredi's passion is to make companies more successful by applying Agility to business processes throughout the whole hierarchy. In doing so, he focuses on working together with Owners, Entrepreneurs and Top Managers.
Fredi is a Member of the Board of, engaged in The Lean Startup Zürich, and a Leaders Coach at pragmatic solutions gmbh. He is a regular speaker around the world as well as a slow motion Ice Hockey player.