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Presentation: "PARALLEL DEVELOPERS KEYNOTE: Notes on Control"

Time: Wednesday 17:00 - 17:50 / Location: Millennium A

Regardless of what programming language you employ it all boils down to Control, more or less of it. Simplicity and complexity arise respectively from principled and unprincipled wielding of Control. While this talk will deliver no conclusions it will hopefully give us all something to think about the next time we sit down to write some Control.

David Nolen, NYTimes Software Engineer

David Nolen

Biography: David Nolen

David Nolen is a curious programmer, musician, and teacher living in Brooklyn. He currently writes JavaScript and Ruby for The New York Times. He also helps run the affordable Kitchen Table Coders workshops from a Brooklyn studio. In his free time he contributes to several open source Clojure projects including core.match, core.logic and ClojureScript.

Twitter: @swannodette