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Presentation: "PARALLEL LEADERS KEYNOTE: Know, Show & Go the Way: Building the Lean|Agile Enterprise with the Scaled Agile Framework"

Time: Wednesday 17:01 - 17:50 / Location: Pendulum

Tired of the myths that Scrum, XP and Kanban don’t scale to the enterprise level? Tired of management resistance to the real change that is required to scale these methods to the next level? If so, this tutorial is for you. In this tutorial, Leffingwell dispels these myths and describes the Scaled Agile Framework™, a public-facing set of proven practices for Agile Teams, Agile Programs, Agile Architecture and Agile Program and Portfolio Management, which have been used to successfully scale Lean|Agile development to hundreds—and even thousands—of practitioners at companies like BMC Corporation, John Deere and many others. In addition, Leffingwell focuses on the critical role software development managers, leaders and executives must play in implementing and supporting the framework so as to more readily achieve the full business benefits of enterprise agility.

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Dean Leffingwell, Veteran of the Software Industry & Lean Systems Society Fellow

Dean Leffingwell

Biography: Dean Leffingwell

Dean Leffingwell, software industry veteran and Lean Systems Society Fellow, has spent his career helping software teams achieve their goals. A renowned methodologist, author, coach, entrepreneur and executive, he founded Requisite, Inc., which was acquired by Rational Software. At Rational, (now part of IBM), he served as vice president with responsibilities including the Rational Unified Process. He is the author of Agile Software Requirements, Scaling Software Agility, and Managing Software Requirements, all from Addison-Wesley. His most recent project is the Scaled Agile Framework, a public-facing website which describes a comprehensive system for scaling Lean and Agile practices to the largest software enterprises.

Twitter: @Deanleffingwell