Workshop: "Getting Started With F#"

Track: Tutorial

Time: Sunday 09:00 - 12:00

Location: 421+423 Music Hall

F# is a succinct and expressive typed functional programming language for the .NET platform, and Microsoft will be supporting F# as a first class language in Visual Studio 2010. In this tutorial you'll get a taste or F# programming from the basics through to some parallel and asynchronous programming with F#. You'll learn how to get started with the functional, imperative and object-oriented programming in F#, how to use shaped functional data to reduce the amount of state in your application, and how to use units of measure to bring sanity and checking to your numerical code. You'll also get a taste for some parallel and asynchronous programming, and take a look at some more advanced techniques in reflection.

Keywords: .NET, Functional Programming, Visual Studio, Concurrent Programming, Asynchronous Programming

Target Audience: Developers, architects and anyone interested in learning how to apply functional techniques in practice and have fun along the way

Don Syme, Designer and co-implementer of the F# language

 Don  Syme Don Syme is a Principal Researcher in the MSR Cambridge Programming Principles and Tools group. He joined MSR in 1998, and was the initiator, co-designer and co-implementer of Generics for .NET and C# 2.0. More recently he is the designer and co-implementer of the F# language and co-author of "Expert F#".