Presentation: "Mastering Git Basics"

Track: SOFTWARE TOOLS / Time: Wednesday 13:30 - 14:30 / Location: Filuren, Musikhuset

Git is the distributed version control system that's taking the world by storm. The Linux kernel, Ruby on Rails, and Erlang/OTP have all chosen it as their VCS of choice. This talk will focus on mastering the handful of commands that comprise 90% of the functionality you will use on a day-to-day basis. I'll kick things off with the best method to install Git on your favorite platform. Next up is creating local repositories, staging/adding files (all about the index), making commits, and viewing history. From there you'll learn to share your repositories with others via GitHub, fetch and merge changes that others make, and resolve conflicts.
Keywords: Git, github, dvcs
Target audience: Anyone interested in learning about Git or distributed version control systems.

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Tom Preston-Werner, Cofounder and CTO of GitHub

Tom Preston-Werner

Biography: Tom Preston-Werner

Tom Preston-Werner works for Powerset Inc., and is one of the founders of GitHub. He's created various Ruby tools such as the monitoring tool god, and many more.
Software Passion: Interested in distributed version control and finding better ways to scale large dynamic systems
Personal webiste: