Schedule - Presentations tagged with Agile

Training: "A Day of Deliberate Practice"

Presentation: "A Question of Craftsmanship"

Speakers: Kevlin Henney

Training: "Agil .NET udvikling"

Speakers: Thomas Ardal

Presentation: "Agile Envisioning: Building It Right, The Third Time"

Speakers: Doug Talbott

Presentation: "Agile Requirements by Collaboration"

Presentation: "Becoming Agile is HARD for a Large Organization"

Speakers: Kati Vilkki

Presentation: "Career.You - Build the Career You Want"

Speakers: Dave Thomas

Training: "Certified Scrum Master Class - Jeff Sutherland"

Speakers: Jeff Sutherland

Training: "Certified Scrum Master Class - Jens Østergaard"

Training: "Certified Scrum Product Owner - Gabrielle Benefield"

Training: "Collaboration Works! Facilitation Skills for Agile Teams"

Presentation: "Continuous Delivery"

Speakers: Jez Humble

Presentation: "From months to minutes - upping the stakes"

Speakers: Dan North

Presentation: "Invention in Software Development Techniques"

Presentation: "Kanban - Crossing the line, pushing the limit or rediscovering the agile vision?"

Speakers: Jesper Boeg

Training: "Lean and Agile In the Large - Principles, Practices and Experiences for Large Scale Software Development"

Speakers: Dave Thomas

Presentation: "Lessons Learned in Large HTTP-Centric Systems"

Speakers: Jim Webber

Presentation: "Real Options - Theory and Practice"

Presentation: "Understanding the Magic of Lean Product Development 1"

Speakers: Don Reinertsen

Presentation: "User Group Events @ JAOO: Java, .NET, Scrum, Ruby, Spring, Clojure, iOS4, Women in IT"

Presentation: "What Architects Need to Know -- Experiences from the Siemens Curriculum for Software Engineers"

Speakers: Frank Buschmann