Schedule - Presentations tagged with Java

Presentation: "Akka: Simpler Scalability, Fault-Tolerance, Concurrency & Remoting through Actors"

Speakers: Jonas BonÚr

Training: "Android Training"

Presentation: "Building a Pet Store that will Survive Cyber Monday"

Speakers: Cameron Purdy

Presentation: "Data parallelism in Java"

Speakers: Brian Goetz

Presentation: "Datamining the brains of mechanical engineers or 130MPH where??"

Speakers: James Gosling

Presentation: "Defective Java: Mistakes that matter"

Speakers: Bill Pugh

Training: "Developing Rich Clients with Eclipse 4.0"

Speakers: Kai Toedter

Training: "Domain Specific Languages"

Presentation: "Going Native"

Speakers: Abe White

Presentation: "HTML5 Websockets: A New World of Limitless, Live, and Wickedly Cool Web Applications"

Speakers: Jonas Jacobi

Presentation: "Introduction into the Spring Framework"

Speakers: Arjen Poutsma

Training: "Introduction to Clojure"

Speakers: Stuart Halloway

Presentation: "Java Future at Oracle"

Speakers: Brian Goetz

Presentation: "One VM, Many Languages"

Speakers: Brian Goetz

Presentation: "SaaS Provisioning - Building an efficient system in the cloud"

Presentation: "Spring - Architectures, Patterns and Large Applications"

Speakers: Eberhard Wolff

Presentation: "Spring 3.1 - Themes and Trends"

Speakers: Juergen Hoeller

Presentation: "User Group Events @ JAOO: Java, .NET, Scrum, Ruby, Spring, Clojure, iOS4, Women in IT"

Presentation: "Where Next for Enterprise Java?"

Speakers: Rod Johnson