Schedule - Presentations tagged with Languages

Presentation: "Akka: Simpler Scalability, Fault-Tolerance, Concurrency & Remoting through Actors"

Speakers: Jonas Bonér

Presentation: "C# For Java Programmers"

Speakers: Patrick Linskey

Presentation: "Clojure Protocols are *not* Interfaces!"

Speakers: Stuart Halloway

Training: "Developing Rich Clients with Eclipse 4.0"

Speakers: Kai Toedter

Training: "Domain Specific Languages"

Presentation: "Erjang - A JVM-based Erlang VM"

Presentation: "Experience report: Using Haskell & Erlang for peer-to-peer protocol implementation"

Training: "Introduction to Clojure"

Speakers: Stuart Halloway

Presentation: "Iron* - An Introduction to Getting Dynamic on .NET"

Presentation: "Java Future at Oracle"

Speakers: Brian Goetz

Presentation: "Keynote: Forty Years of Fun with Computers"

Speakers: Dan Ingalls

Presentation: "Keynote: The Expressiveness of Go"

Speakers: Rob Pike

Presentation: "Modeling Process"

Speakers: Rich Hickey

Training: "Object-oriented meets functional: An overview of Scala"

Speakers: Martin Odersky

Presentation: "One VM, Many Languages"

Speakers: Brian Goetz

Presentation: "Optimization with V8 JavaScript"

Speakers: Erik Corry

Training: "Robust Spring Applications"

Speakers: Joakim Recht

Presentation: "Rx: curing your asynchronous programming blues"

Presentation: "Scala at Work"

Speakers: Martin Odersky

Presentation: "Securing EcmaScript 5"

Speakers: Mark S. Miller

Presentation: "Smart Software with F#"

Speakers: Joel Pobar

Presentation: "The Future of JavaScript. I mean ECMAScript"

Presentation: "User Group Events @ JAOO: Java, .NET, Scrum, Ruby, Spring, Clojure, iOS4, Women in IT"