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Silvana Wasitova, Agilist

Silvana Wasitova

Biography: Silvana Wasitova

Silvana has led teams in implementation of agile practices since 2005, and used this approach to successfully deliver mission-critical projects such as FIFA World Cup 2006 and Olympics 2008.
Since then Silvana has coached and trained hundreds of people and teams in successful agile adoptions and transitions.
Silvana holds CSM, CSP, CSPO certifications as well as PMI PMP and ACP (the first one in Switzerland), and has provided Agile Trainings at Yahoo USA and France, Nestle Switzerland, and Skype Europe.

Twitter: @wasitova

Presentation: Here be Dragons: where are we heading & what lies "Beyond Agile"?

Track: The Future of Agile / Time: Friday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Effectenbeurszaal

The Agile Manifesto was conceived 2003, a short time in the short history of software development. Where are we heading now, and what lies "beyond Agile"?
In this session Silvana will share ideas and developments in the corporate world that can be used as sign posts of where we are heading, and how the agile philosophy fits is an indicator, and perhaps a stepping stone, towards that future.