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Steve Peha, Founder of Teaching That Makes Sense, Inc.

Steve Peha

Biography: Steve Peha

Steve Peha is the Founder of Teaching That Makes Sense, Inc., a North American consultancy specializing in innovative approaches to educational change. He is also an entrepreneur, software product developer, and Agile Product Owner. Over the last few years, he has put time, energy, and focused thought into applying Agile principles and practices to common educational challenges. He has written articles about this on InfoQ, among other places, and given talks on the subject at Google, Yahoo, PayPal, and elsewhere. He truly does believe that the future of education is Agile and that the greatest opportunity we have in educating people world-wide is to bring to them the key Agile principles that will prepare them best for an increasingly uncertain world.

Twitter: @stevepeha

Presentation: The Future of Education is Agile

Track: The Future of Agile / Time: Friday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Effectenbeurszaal

We love Agile. But why? Sure, it helps us make better software. But why? Because it helps us learn. Agile is not a software methodology; it's a learning methodology. For years, I've been applying Agile in schools. It works. Agile helps software professionals respond rapidly to change. Don't we want our children to understand these ideas, to apply them to their own learning, and ultimately to their own lives as they enter a world progressively characterized by uncertainty? The future of education is Agile. And children are the future of our world. It's time to bring the two together.