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Presentation: "Protecting Mobile Apps and security around Bring Your Own Device"

Track: Mobile / Time: Thursday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Estrelsaal C7

So you think your mobile is safe? We'll explore the challenges we are currently facing with maintaining the security of mobile apps and the approach to how we develop secure mobile applications. This session will also take a look at the enterprise implications with the push for employees to use their own devices while protecting corporate data and services on untrusted devices.

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Shane Williams, Regional Head of Mobile Dev. in Switzerland at UBS

Shane Williams

Biography: Shane Williams

Shane Williams was a hot speaker at QCon London this year on the subject of Mobile Security and specialises in Mobile software design and development for client facing and enterprise use cases.

Among other achievements, Shane has developed safety critical drive-by-wire embedded software for a large vehicle manufacture and created both external and internal mobile apps for diverse clients including apps for UHNW clients, the Chief Investment Office, Asset Management, Wealth Management Research and the Investment Bank.

Shane is currently developing secure mobile applications across the UBS group and has worked for 15+ years on developing large-scale geographically-distributed enterprise agile teams for banking reference data.