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Presentation: "Disband the Deployment Army"

Track: DevOps/continuous delivery / Time: Monday 16:50 - 17:50 / Location: KeynoteRoom

In operations, it is conventional wisdom that most incidents (read: failures) occur immediately after someone makes changes to the system. Hence, elaborate change management systems are supposed to reduce this risk. On the other hand, both lean and agile disciplines say, "When something is painful, do it more often," because we improve at that which we practice. How can we resolve these opposing perspectives?

It turns out that conventional wisdom deals more with perceived risk than true risk. Conventional wisdom is dangerous. This session will examine the true origins of risk, starting with an economic foundation, and developing ideas about how to reduce real risk.

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Michael T. Nygard, Author of "Release It!"

Michael T. Nygard

Biography: Michael T. Nygard

Michael Nygard strives to raise the bar and ease the pain for developers across the country. He shares his passion and energy for improvement with everyone he meets, sometimes even with their permission. Living with systems in production taught Michael about the importance of operations and writing production-ready software. Highly-available, highly-scalable commerce systems are his forte.

Michael has written and co-authored several books, including "97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know" and the best seller "Release It!", a book about building software that survives the real world.
Michael is member of the GOTO Aarhus Program Advisory Board