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Workshop: "Hands-On TDD"

Track: Training: Development in real Life / Time: Friday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Room 104

TDD is well known as a technique for high quality coding and as an enabler for Continuous Delivery. It relays on developers knowing how to code "good" tests. However, what makes a good test? what should we avoid when coding tests?

In this tutorial we will define what makes a good test and what we should avoid when coding tests. We will examine a number of tests and look at how those tests can be improved. We will learn to use tools such as mocking, Hamcrest, and Probing. We will explore solutions for different integration testing challenges, including stabbing services, using in-memory SQL engine, embedded MySQL engine, data migrations and embedded Jetty server.

The tutorial will be done in Java, but is relevant for almost every programming language.

Bring a laptop with your development environment, as we are going to write code in the tutorial.



Yoav Abrahami, Chief Architect at Wix

Yoav Abrahami

Biography: Yoav Abrahami

Yoav Abrahami is the Chief Architect at, working with developers and operations on building wix future products as well as accelerating and improving development processes. Prior to joining, Yoav was an Architect at Amdocs Cramer OSS division. Yoav has a MS in Physics and BS in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University.