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Presentation: "Stop Refactoring!"

Track: Iconoclasts / Time: Wednesday 16:50 - 17:50 / Location: Room 102 / 103

Why can rigorous refactoring make code harder to change? Why do we try so hard to make our code clearly express what it does, when what it does is in continual flux? The way we write, model & think about software ignores the way it morphs over time. We need a new aesthetic of code that embraces impermanence & continual imperfection as its essential nature.

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Nat Pryce, Author of "Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests" and developer of the jMock mock-object library.

Nat Pryce

Biography: Nat Pryce

After completing his PhD at Imperial College, Nat Pryce joined a dot-com just in time to ride the bust. Since then he has worked as a programmer, architect, trainer, and consultant in a variety of industries, including sports reportage, marketing communications, retail, telecoms, and finance. He has also worked on academic research projects and does occasional university teaching. An early adopter of XP, he has written or contributed to several open source libraries and tools that support TDD and was one of the founding organizers of the London XP Day conference. He also regularly presents at international conferences. Nat is based in London, UK.