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Presentation: "Wink and the mobile web innovation"

Track: Mobile Technologies: Native + Web / Time: Tuesday 10:35 - 11:35 / Location: KeynoteRoom

In this session, we will introduce Wink Toolkit, an Open Source mobile Javascript framework. We will start with a tour of the architecture, show you some examples of the new UI widgets and interaction layers that you can find in the framework, before focusing on how mobile web innovation plus wink can lead to great projects. Be ready to see what HTML5 and CSS3 means on mobile.

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Jérôme Giraud, Software engineer at Orange and founder of WINK

Jérôme Giraud

Biography: Jérôme Giraud

Jérôme is a mobile web activist. He is a Software engineer at Orange labs where he has been working on the mobile web for a few years now. He is also the founder and project lead of Wink, an Open Source mobile JavaScript framework which is hosted in the Dojo Foundation. Prior to joining Orange, Jérôme graduated from the INSA of Lyon in computer science with a focus on mobile networks and has also been a trainee at HP, working on IMS. Jérôme is a member of the W3C.