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Presentation: "Winning hearts and minds: tips for embedding user experience in your organisation"

Track: UI in an Agile Process / Time: Monday 12:05 - 13:05 / Location: Room 202

Have you been bitten by the UX bug? You may have read some books, or tried out guerrilla techniques. But introducing and embedding UX in your organisation can be an uphill struggle.

It’s rare when the leaders at the top of an organization promote UX (think Apple). It’s more likely that you’ll find yourself in a position where:

  • Your job title doesn’t include the words ‘user experience’ or ‘usability’ 
  • UX tasks are only a small part of your job role (if at all) 
  • There is little or no budget / time set aside for UX 
  • Stakeholders have strong opinions and don’t agree to design improvements you suggest 

This talk will arm you with practical tips about how to:

  • Develop in-house skills and educate colleagues about UX 
  • Persuade stakeholders to make decisions based on evidence, not personal opinions 
  • Encourage team collaboration 
  • Have an impact on the wider organizational strategy 

Who is this talk for?
Anyone who has an interest in UX but has perhaps struggled to get UX adopted, or just wants some advice on taking the next steps. Previous experience of UX is not necessary, but a basic understanding of UX will help. The talk is relevant to front-end developers, testers, product managers, project managers and tech comms.

Ux, ux adoption, ux maturity, selling, evangelising, strategy, organizational change

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Michele Ide-Smith, UX Specialist who likes Building Teams and Communities

Michele Ide-Smith

Biography: Michele Ide-Smith

Michele has worked in web and software development since 1997. She learnt the ropes as a front-end developer and has experience as a project manager, information architect, web channel / strategy manager and user experience specialist, in agency and client-side roles. After 6 satisfying years of embedding UX in a local authority, Michele moved to Red Gate Software in the SQL Tools Division (where team Nerf gun battles are positively encouraged). Michele is passionate about building her local UX community and co-organises the Cambridge Usability Group talks. She blogs at and and is @micheleidesmith on Twitter.