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Presentation: "7 Steps to Success with Your Automated Development/Test Cloud"

Track: It's in the Cloud / Time: Monday 15:35 - 16:35 / Location: Room 104 / 105

As you adopt Agile development methodologies, your application release team is struggling to manage the dramatically increased frequency of your application build-test-deploy processes. Your IT team is also stressed -- they now need to provide lots of compute infrastructure (and deliver it quickly) to support the dev/test processes.

What you need is automation -- an Agile Development Cloud - to successfully address the development and IT issues.

The Agile Development Cloud provides:

* Process automation to accelerate and manage the build-test-deploy process
* Integrated cloud automation to rapidly provision and de-provision virtual compute environments to support the dev/test process

During the session, you will learn:

* How to evaluate whether your organization would benefit from an Agile Development Cloud
* The 7-step strategic roadmap for marrying speed, agility and automation in both the Development and Infrastructure groups

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Matthew Torkington, Senior Technical Consultant at Electric Cloud

Matthew Torkington

Biography: Matthew Torkington

Matthew Torkington is Senior Technical Consultant for Electric Cloud in Europe. Working for companies focusing on Agile Methodologies, ITIL, development and hardware over the last 15 years has given Matthew a good degree of experience in all of the functions required to make a project successful. Matthew has a number of ISEB, ITIL and other professional qualifications backing up his computer systems degree from University of Brighton. It should be added that Matthew is no relation of the New Zealander Nathan Torkington, so please refrain from asking him any questions about XML.