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Adrian Howard, "Generalising Specialist"

Adrian Howard

Biography: Adrian Howard

Passionate about creating great software. User Experience advocate. Agile fanatic. Testing bigot. Lean Startup convert.

Adrian spends most of his time helping folk design and build web applications - involved with everything from user experience work to coding. Unsurprisingly he's a huge fan of building cross-disciplinary agile teams.

You'll often find him ranting about ways to get agile and user experience folk to play nice together.
Specialties: Agile Software Development, User Experience, Usability, Information Architecture, Development, Testing, Lean Startup

Presentation: Design Never Stops: UX throughout development

Track: UI in an Agile Process / Time: Monday 15:35 - 16:35 / Location: Room 202

Do any of these sound familiar?
  • Designers saying all their work needs to be done before implementation begins?
  • Developers saying that you can always make it pretty/usable "later"?
  • Designers saying that agile processes are unfriendly towards design?
  • Developers and designers seeing their work and values being in opposition?
All lies - or at least misconceptions:

We'll examine the design process and review how:
  • design helps discover, not just refine, new products
  • lack of design input during development helps projects fail
  • design works better if you can get developers involved
  • development works better if you can get designers involved
  • design is iterative, feedback driven, and works well with agile
We'll examine six principles to help UX practitioners work better with agile teams and show that in great agile teams design never stops - from the initial ideas, through implementation, and beyond.
Keywords: agile, ux, lean ux, lean startup, customer development, design
Target Audience:
  • Product Owners who want to understand how UX can help them create better products
  • Agile team members who want to see how UX can be integrated with the development process
  • UX practitioners who want to understand how to work well on agile teams