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Fredrik Ohrstrom, Evolves the Java language, the JRockit and Hotspot JVM

Fredrik Ohrstrom

Biography: Fredrik Ohrstrom

Fredrik Öhrström has been developing the JRockit and Hotspot JVM primarily within the areas of code generation and runtime. He has also spent a significant amount of time with JSR292 and the support for dynamic language on the JVM. He is now working in the group that develops and evolves the Java language.

Presentation: War Stories, Part 2

Track: War Stories / Time: Monday 12:05 - 13:05 / Location: Room 102 / 103

It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail.

Have you ever had a bug nagging you for half a year? Have you ever been relieved after half a year of on and off debugging when you finally solved a bug? Did you ever reflect on why it took you so long to solve a bug?

In this presentation speakers will reveal how they solved their worst bug. You will experience old and new technical details that you've never heard about. You will get inspired to learn more.

10-15 min. enlightning talks:

War Story 4: Rocking with a JRockit bug 
Speaker: Fredrik Ohrstrom

War Story 5: Hacking my router
Speaker: Anders Skovsgaard

War Story 6: Tracking down a performance problem in Internet Explorer 7 
Speaker: Trisha Gee

Presentation: Status of Java

Track: Java / Time: Wednesday 15:35 - 16:35 / Location: Room 203 / 204