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Martin Ferro-Thomsen, Founder & CEO of Conferize and Co-Founder of Issuu

Martin Ferro-Thomsen

Biography: Martin Ferro-Thomsen

Martin is the visionary behind Conferize, a platform aiming to disrupt the trillion dollar global conference industry by making conferences more social, transparent and relevant.

Martin is also Co-Founder of Issuu, a Best Website. Issuu, a 'YouTube for publishing', is now in the US top-100, serving 55+ m users and almost 4 bn pages every month.

Martin is a 2011 member of BNY Talent-100, holds an MA in Culture & Communications and gave up an international PhD fellowship for the love of entrepreneurship. Today he generally operates within culture & technology, innovation & design.

Meet him at
Twitter: @FerroGate

Presentation: Talk to your users

Track: Products for People / Time: Tuesday 14:05 - 15:05 / Location: Room 203 / 204

Cultivating a user community takes more than just answering support requests. If your product is important and alive, then so is your user base. It’s a community. How do you get from 50 users to 50 million in just 3 years? What are the concerns, tools and approaches needed at each stage, as your community grows from good to awesome to godlike.