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Sergey Bushik, Senior R&D Engineer at Altoros

Sergey Bushik

Biography: Sergey Bushik

Sergey started his IT journey with a master's degree in computer science, and during 7+ years of hands-on development practice he advanced in Web-oriented applications, Web services, data mining and data processing. A new position of Senior R&D Engineer opened new perspectives for Sergey and enabled him to explore new technologies and tools and share his findings with worldwide community. The first acquaintance with NoSQL solutions and distributed computing turned into a true passion.

Regularly participates in international conferences presenting interesting approaches. In June 2011, he offered to “Open a Fabulous World of Cassandra” at a conference that featured guest speakers from Engine Yard. On December 22, 2011 Sergey presented the results of his research on various types of NoSQL databases at Big Data Meetup in Sunnyvale, CA. On February 8, 2012 he made a session “Anatomy of distributed computing with Hadoop” at Hadoop Evening in Belarus (Eastern Europe).

Getting new challenging experience in international projects, he confirms his expertise with several Oracle certificates in Java.

Presentation: Evaluating NoSQL performance: time for benchmarking

Track: Navigating the BigData Ocean / Time: Tuesday 12:05 - 13:05 / Location: Room 104 / 105

There are many cloud databases out there. Approximately it's over 122+ systems. These solutions are referred as NoSQL and promoted as a class of non-relational data stores that break with ACID paradigm and relational databases. These systems are lacked with product-by-product comparison making it difficult to understand what is the best tool for a particular case and what are the trade-offs between the system and its characteristics (features and performance).

The aim of some of our research and development activities at Altoros, which we’ll show in this session, is to capture general information about particular NoSQL databases and to create system workloads for measuring their performance. Base tool selected for the purpose of this research is Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark and benchmarking is performed on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances. We will benchmark MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, in their default configuration, with tuned client and server side settings and we measure performance of them on 7 types of workloads.

Presentation: NOSQL Knockout

Track: Navigating the BigData Ocean / Time: Tuesday 16:50 - 17:50 / Location: Room 104 / 105

A panel discussion consisting of some of the worlds leading NoSQL providers and creators to meet and enter the ring for a “NoSQL Knockout” session. Here from the best in the industry on which databases fits your business.

If you don't know which is the right database to choose at the end of this session you never will!