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Presentation: "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Flow"

Track: Leading & Bleading Edge - Day 1 / Time: Thursday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Frederik

Stream-based programming holds the promise of unifying IO with traditional Functional Programming manipulation of collections. In this session we will introduce you to Akka Streams—an asynchronous Stream-based programming library with non-blocking back pressure implemented on top of Akka—an implementation of the Actor Model. We'll demonstrate the Flow API—a lifted representation—as well as a pluggable way of transforming the lifted representation into the execution representation—Flow Materialization. We will also discuss the implications of non-blocking back pressure for fan-in (many producers to single consumer) as well as fan-out (single producer to many consumers) as well as discuss dynamic runtime optimization as well as compile time optimization.

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Viktor Klang, Chief Architect at Typesafe

Viktor Klang

Biography: Viktor Klang

Viktor Klang (@viktorklang) is Chief Architect at Typesafe, former Tech Lead for the Akka project and co-author of scala.concurrent in the Scala Standard Library. Viktor has a long background on the JVM and a passion for concurrent, asynchronous, distributed and resilient systems and the making thereof.

Hailing from southern Sweden, Viktor is a passionate Scala hacker since 2007, a Java enterprise systems architect since 2003 and a programmer since 1998.

He's a big fan of agile development, scalable software and elegant code. He's spent the past 7 years building a EIS, ERP, CRM and PDM system for a large international enterprise.

After being involved in the Lift web framework for 2 years, he joined the Akka team in the middle of 2009 as one of the earliest committers.