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Presentation: "Fitting the Model"

Track: Apps of NoSQL / Time: Wednesday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Store Sal, Musikhuset

Cassandra's storage models has both strengths and weaknesses. We'll discuss how SoundCloud takes advantage of the strengths of Cassandra's Memtable/SSTable storage layer as the backend for our activity stream and how understanding what your database does on disk is as important as understanding the data model you're persisting.

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Sean Treadway, Engineer, SoundCloud

Sean Treadway

Biography: Sean Treadway

Sean currently heads the architectural evolution of SoundCloud backed by a diverse history of engineering and operating desktop, server and web applications. He tackles the challenges of scaling to multi-millions of users while maintaining rapid development at SoundCloud - a social sound platform for anyone to record, promote and share their sounds on all devices, including the web.