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Presentation: "Management Myths: are we getting any better at this?"

Track: Mythbusters / Time: Monday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Kammermusiksalen, Musikhuset

In the 37 years since the Mythical Man Month was published it's easy to think the rules are different today. So much has been learned and written about how to create and run successful software projects surely we must pretty much have the recipe by now.

As an industry we've certainly tried hard: the many methods, tools and processes invented over the decades all try to manage the fundamental complexities of both software and people.

At the same time useful evidence is hard to come by. Software productivity, size and complexity are all probably impossible to measure: cause and effect are difficult to separate and bias is pervasive.

As a result we've often created a mishmash of home spun philosophy, over simplifications, silver bullets, cargo cults and one size fits all methodologies. Meanwhile with ever increasing business involvement in project work knowing why we work the way we do is increasingly important.

In this session I'll explore the evidence (and the myths) behind some of our favourite software process and management practices including; the costs of pairing, the value of estimates, how we set expectations and write contracts, how we pay and reward success plus how we operate at scale and run distributed teams.

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Dave Clack, Head of technology delivery, LMAX exchange

Dave Clack

Biography: Dave Clack

Dave has been delivering software using agile & lean methods from before the terms became popular and certainly before he realised that was what was he was doing.

Whilst he likes to think of himself as technical his career has ventured into the dark side including consulting, project & programme management, service delivery, product development, sales, company leadership and executive management.

Dave considers himself privileged to have to worked with some of the industry's leading lights and finds working with excellent people a lot of fun. Along the way he's enjoyed a track record of delivery across a variety of industries, company sizes, locations and approaches.

Dave is currently head of technology delivery at LMAX exchange, a fast and transparent FX and derivatives trading venue.