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Presentation: "My Agile journey: XP, Scrum, Lean, Kanban and back again"

Track: Agile Perspectives / Time: Monday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Auditorium, AROS

During the past 6 years I have spent most of my time working with teams and organizations that aspire to become more Agile and Lean. I have done that in a variety of settings and helped anything from small fast moving startups to big bureaucratic organizations. I have taken on the role as Scrum Master, Product Owner, Mentor, Coach and Trainer and faced challenging situations, successes and failures working on every layer of the organization from team level to top management.

In this session I will share my personal Agile journey. From my first encounter with Extreme Programming at university, through experiences with Scrum, Lean and Kanban. A journey that has taken me from having great success implementing Scrum and a growing belief that Scrum was the one silver bullet to rule them all, to an identity crisis when my religion came crashing down on me. From rebelling against Scrum as local optimization, batch thinking and cargo cult religion when discovering Lean and Kanban principles, before new experiences and success with Scrum and “Scrumban” forced me to realize that the world is not black and white, either or.

So come join me on a journey of self discovery, “teenage” rebellion and a frustrating world of IT that refuses to be put into context free boxes.

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Jesper Boeg, Agile/Lean Coach and Author of Priming Kanban

Jesper Boeg

Biography: Jesper Boeg

Jesper has worked as an Agile and Lean coach since early 2006 and is now in charge of the ”Agile Excellence” department at Trifork. He has a Masters degree from Aalborg University in the area of Information Systems and wrote his thesis on how to successfully manage distributed software teams.
Jesper helps organizations adopt Agile and Lean principles with a strong focus on understanding “why”. He has a reputation for being honest and straight forward, and has a firm belief that change management is much more about people than process. Jesper has a strong passion for Lean Product Development and continuously emphasizes that one must look at the entire software delivery system to guide success. He believes that trust is best established through transparency in the entire organization and that most problems are about communication.
Context Based Strategically Aligned Agility have been keywords for Jesper’s work lately. It is his experience that to create lasting change, organizations cannot rely on Best Practice rule sets, but must put effort into  understanding “why” and aligning Agile principles with the overall business strategy. Otherwise they will quickly revert to former practices when faced with difficulty and restrict themselves from great improvement opportunities.
Jesper regularly speaks at Agile and Lean conferences. He is member of the GOTO Program Advisory Board and has served as trackhost on numerous GOTO and QCon conferences

Twitter: @J_Boeg
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