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Presentation: "Mythbusting Remote Procedure Calls"

Track: Mythbusters / Time: Monday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Kammermusiksalen, Musikhuset

Abstract: Distributed systems are hard. Many have attempted to circumvent this fact via a variety of approaches, typically by ignoring difficult problems involving latency, partitioning, concurrency, and system evolution. Remote Procedure Call (RPC), originally devised to simplify the development of networked applications for programmers familiar with writing local applications, is one such approach. In this talk, Steve will explain the origins and evolution of RPC and bust some of the myths surrounding the alleged benefits it provides to distributed application developers.

Level: beginner and intermediate (but experts should hear it too!) 

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Steve Vinoski, Senior Architect with Basho Technologies, Member of Program Advisory Board

Steve Vinoski

Biography: Steve Vinoski

Steve Vinoski is an architect at Basho Technologies in Cambridge, MA, USA. He's worked on distributed systems and middleware systems for over 20 years, including distributed object systems, service-oriented systems, and RESTful web services. His interest in software quality and development speed led Steve to start exploring and using Erlang in 2006, and he's used it as as his primary development language ever since. He writes "The Functional Web" column for IEEE Internet Computing in which he explores the use of functional programming languages for web development.

Steve is member of the GOTO Aarhus Program Advisory Board

Twitter: @stevevinoski