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Presentation: "NoSQL games"

Track: Apps of NoSQL / Time: Wednesday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Store Sal, Musikhuset

This talk explains how we use NoSQL databases at wooga to scale our backend services to deal with the data of millions of players every day. Learn from our experience running Basho's Riak in production and how to use Amazon S3 as a database.

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Patrick Huesler, software engineer at Wooga

Patrick Huesler

Biography: Patrick Huesler

Patrick is a developer from Switzerland who is currently based in Berlin. He works as an engineer for wooga, a social game company, where he builds backend systems. He is an active member of Berlin's Ruby user group, a co-organizer of EuRuKo 2011 and he likes to hack on open source software.

Twitter: phuesler
Github: phuesler