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Presentation: "Scaling for Humongous amounts of data with MongoDB"

Track: Navigating the BigData Ocean / Time: Monday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Rytmisk Sal, Musikhuset

Life is great as your first customer signs up. Then you have your millionth signup, your data needs to span multiple machines across several geographies, the business wants more information, better accuracy and faster. Your life now sucks.

In this talk we will cover the
- Basic Schema Design
- Schema design for scaling: bucketing, time series, linking versus embedding
- Implications of sharding keys with alternatives
- Read scaling through replication
- Challenges of eventual consistency

This is not just theory, each will be mapped to customer examples of the challenges of solving actual real world problems.

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Alvin Richards, Senior Director of Service and Enterprise Engineering, 10gen/MongoDB

Alvin Richards

Biography: Alvin Richards

Alvin is Senior Technical Director for 10gen/MongoDB in Europe. He has held leadership positions at Oracle and NetApp as well as several startups in the Archiving, SaaS and Java instrumentation domains. With 20+ years of combined experience in these areas, what he most enjoys is building cool products, great teams and challenging the status quo. Alvin earned separate degrees in Computer Science and Photography from Thames Valley and Nottingham Trent Universities in the UK.