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Presentation: "Challenges for developers of building large web applications"

Track: Everything Connected - Day 2 / Time: Tuesday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Rytmisk Sal

With the inexorable rise of native apps, users' minimum expectation is now for a slick, frustration free experience whenever they're using their mobile phones or tablets. But as a web community, we continue to struggle to match the experience of using well designed native apps. In this talk, Graham will look into why that's the case, separating genuine problems from myths by looking at things such as: how much slower are mobile devices really are, whether Javascript execution really is a bottleneck, and the limitations current client-side storage technologies (is AppCache really that bad?) and how developers can look to mitigate the real issues involved in the development of large web applications.

Filled with the experience of the Financial Times team from building, re-building and maintaining a large web application over the last three years, this talk will leave you with a swiss army knife of tools to improve not just the product you produce, but also your development processes.

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Graham Hinchly, Financial Times

Graham Hinchly

Biography: Graham Hinchly

Graham Hinchly is Engineering Manager at FT Labs, the emerging web technologies division of the Financial Times. Based in London, he manages the development of the FT's award-winning HTML5 web app.  Over the past 18 months, he oversaw an extensive redesign and rearchitecture of the app, which has now launched on iOS, Android, Windows and is in beta on desktop browsers.

Twitter: @grahamhinchly