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Presentation: "Application design, techniques and tools for large(r) JavaScript applications"

Track: JavaScript / Time: Thursday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Amsterdam Room

On the server we often speak about so-called "non-functional" requirements of a program or an architecture, e.g., maintainability, extensibility, robustness and performance. We also have technical requirements that focus more on code structure e.g., separation of concerns, modularity, loose coupling, avoiding duplication.

On the client side, the situation is often shockingly less ambitious: often we just hack until it works (in Firefox and then we ship it). Most of the time we can manage because there is only so much JavaScript code, but as the project scales in complexity our productivity quickly declines as does quality .

Why are there so large differences in our mindset on the front- and back-ends?

The goal of this talk is to motivate and help you improve the technical quality of your JavaScript projects. We consider one set of techniques, design patterns and tools that this speaker has successfully used to tame the complexity beast in several large and medium scale projects.

Keywords: JavaScript, Application Design, Complexity, Technical Quality, Model-View-Controller
Target audience: Developers that have some experience with JavaScript programming.

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Karl Krukow, Clojure hacker

Karl Krukow

Biography: Karl Krukow

Karl Krukow works as a software pilot at Trifork. He graduated as a PhD student from University of Aarhus in 2006 with a thesis that was mostly theoretical computer science. He has worked with JavaScript for more than 5 years, consulting, teaching and programming, and has extensive experience with the Ext JS JavaScript framework. His current professional passion is the Clojure programming language due to its "immense depth, beauty and it making a significant contribution to simplifying programming – all while remaining practical." Karl has started started a number of open source projects (like clj-ds and stomple) and often writes technical articles about JavaScript, Clojure and Ruby on his blog.

Twitter: @karlkrukow