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Presentation: "Java 7 In Action: Using New Java 7 Features In Real Code"

Track: JVM / Time: Thursday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Grand Ballroom

This session will describe several new features introduced in Java 7, including a couple of the "Project Coin" language features. These features will be described and their benefits shown by using them to improve an actual piece of code from the JDK. The features to be shown are try-with-resources, more-precise rethrow (which are two language features introduced by Project Coin), and one of the new NIO utilities. The presentation will begin by showing a single method taken from the JDK 6 code base. It will continue by applying the features one by one using NetBeans, including an explanation of the feature and of its significance. Finally, the "before" and "after" code will be compared. The resulting code will be more concise and more correct than the original, showing that the new Java 7 features offer the opportunity to make great improvements to your Java code.

Keywords: Java, Java SE 7, JDK 7, OpenJDK, NIO, Files, Project Coin, Exception Handling
Target Audience: This session should be of interest to any Java programmers who are interested in using Java 7 features to improve their code.

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Stuart W. Marks, Oracle

Stuart W. Marks

Biography: Stuart W. Marks

Stuart W. Marks is a Principal Member of Technical Staff in the Java Platform Group at Oracle. He is currently working on enhancing the core libraries of the JDK. He has previously worked on JavaFX and Java ME at Sun Microsystems. He has over twenty years of software platform product development experience in the areas of window systems, interactive graphics, and mobile and embedded systems. Stuart holds a Master's degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Twitter: @stuartmarks