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Presentation: "Realtime Search At Twitter"

Track: Search / Time: Friday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Foyer

At Twitter we serve more than 1.5 billion queries per day from Lucene indexes, while appending more than 200 million tweets per day in realtime. Additionally we recently launched image, video and relevance search on the same engine.
This talk will outline Twitter's search architecture and explain the modifications we made to Lucene to support realtime search.

Keywords: lucene, realtime search, twitter
Target Audience: advanced, technical

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Michael Busch, Tech Lead for Search Infrastructure at Twitter

Michael Busch

Biography: Michael Busch

Michael Busch is tech lead for search infrastructure at Twitter. Before this job he worked at IBM on Enterprise Search and eDiscovery applications. Michael is a long time Lucene committer and PMC member and a recent Apache member.

Twitter: @michibusch