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Presentation: "What They Never Told You About Innovation"

Time: Thursday 18:00 - 18:45 / Location: Grand Ballroom

Hard-core developers have a tendency to think about innovation in terms of writing cool code in cool languages, technical superiority, and implementation qualities such as performance and scalability. Over his career Steve has seen misguided notions like these confuse, upset, and even limit the careers of some very bright technical minds. In this talk, he'll discuss what innovation really is, how it works, and how truly understanding it will help you improve as a developer.

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Steve Vinoski, Architect at Basho

Steve Vinoski

Biography: Steve Vinoski

Steve Vinoski is an architect at Basho Technologies in Cambridge, MA, USA. He's worked on distributed systems and middleware systems for over 20 years, including distributed object systems, service-oriented systems, and RESTful web services. His interest in software quality and development speed led Steve to start exploring and using Erlang in 2006, and he's used it as as his primary development language ever since. He writes "The Functional Web" column for IEEE Internet Computing in which he explores the use of functional programming languages for web development.

Twitter: @stevevinoski