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Alex Russell, Software Engineer at Google

Alex Russell

Biography: Alex Russell

Alex Russell is a software engineer at Google, working on Chrome, Chrome Frame, and the broader web platform. Alex serves on the JavaScript standard committee (ECMA TC39) and is active in the design of many new web APIs. Prior to joining Google he contributed to the development of the Dojo Toolkit. He's fighting IE 6 so you don't have to


Presentation: Send Less, Do More, Go Faster: The Future of Front End Development

Track: Browser as a Platform / Time: Thursday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Amsterdam Room

In this talk, you'll learn how a combination of new technologies that are only now arriving in browsers will revolutionize front-end development. From better, more expressive markup to in-platform data-binding to improvements in DOM and JavaScript, come learn how emerging standards will make your apps better, faster, and lighter.

Keywords: JavaScript, DOM, CSS, HTML, Components, Modularity, Semantics, Data Binding
Target audience: Front end developers.