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Arjen Poutsma, Founder & Project Lead for Spring Web Services

Arjen Poutsma

Biography: Arjen Poutsma

Arjen Poutsma is a senior software engineer at SpringSource with fifteen years' experience in commercial software environments. During this time he has worked with both Java EE and Microsoft .NET.

Three years ago, Arjen started to specialise in Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures. During this period, he has worked for some of the largest organizations in the world helping them better understand enterprise Java and how SOAs fit into their organizations.

In part from his experiences with these organizations, Arjen founded the open source Spring Web Services project and continues to lead the technical direction and development as the project lead for Spring Web Services. This project aims at facilitating development of document-driven web services.

Arjen has also contributed to various other open source projects, including XFire, Axis2, and others. He is a regular speaker at Java and SOA conferences, including JavaPolis, The Spring Experience, JavaZone, W-JAX, and many others.

Software Passion: My passion is to create simple and nice APIs that people use in ways I didn't expect when I wrote them.

Twitter: @poutsma
Company website:


Presentation: What's new in Spring 3.1

Track: JVM / Time: Thursday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Grand Ballroom

Spring Framework 3.1 continues Spring's mission with a focus on flexible Java-based configuration. This session introduces foundational 3.1 facilities such as environment profiles for application contexts, feature specifications within configuration classes, and Spring’s new caching abstraction. Finally, the session will cover Spring’s ongoing support for enterprise Java specifications: in particular Servlet 3.0 support.

Keywords: Java, Spring
Target Audience: Spring Users