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Christian Wolfgang, Developer at Praqma

Christian Wolfgang

Biography: Christian Wolfgang

Christian is a developer at Praqma writing tools and plug-ins for Jenkins, Git, Mercurial and ClearCase.

Presentation: Bridging Mercurial and ClearCase using Jenkins

Track: Tools / Time: Thursday 17:00 - 17:50 / Location: Amsterdam Room

Changing your version control system can be a challenging operation. In this presentation we will talk about migration strategies, in particular how to bridge between 2 quite different version control systems (Mercurial, distributed VCS and ClearCase, centralized VCS), and we'll demonstrate an Open Source Jenkins-based bridge. Bridging allows for a smooth transition and furthermore has the advantage that different processes and projects can run in the world that is most convenient to them. The delivery process for instance can continue to run in ClearCase, whilst the developers increase their productivity by switching to Mercurial.

Keywords: Distributed Version Control System, Mercurial, Subversion, ClearCase, Jenkins, migration, bridging
Target Audience: Source Control Managers and decision makers, developers, system admins