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Erik Hatcher, Co-Author of Lucene in Action

Erik Hatcher

Biography: Erik Hatcher

Erik Hatcher co-authored "Lucene in Action", co-founded Lucid Imagination, and evangelizes Lucene and Solr technologies around the world.

Book: Lucene in Action

Presentation: Introduction to Solr

Track: Apache / Time: Friday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Volmer Rooms

Apache Solr serves search requests at the enterprises and the largest companies around the world. Built on top of the top-notch Apache Lucene library, Solr makes indexing and searching integration into your applications straightforward. Solr provides faceted navigation, spell checking, highlighting, clustering, grouping, and other search features. Solr also scales query volume with replication and collection size with distributed capabilities. Solr can index rich documents such as PDF, Word, HTML, and other file types.

Come learn how you can get your content into Solr and integrate it into your applications!

Keywords: Lucene, Solr, search
Target Audience: Developers and technical managers