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Friso van Vollenhoven, Xebia's principal in the Netherlands on all things NoSQL

Friso van Vollenhoven

Biography: Friso van Vollenhoven

Friso is Xebia's principal in the Netherlands on all things NoSQL, focussing on Hadoop and HBase for handling of substantial amounts of data. Friso has a history of dealing with architecture to achieve sufficiently scalable, performant and above all working software. He has more than ten years behind the keyboard to tell and educate about.

Twitter: @fzk

Presentation: Building three Hadoop clusters in a year (and why you should build one too)

Track: NoSQL / Time: Friday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Foyer

In this talk I will explain why it is that I spent the past year building Hadoop clusters for several clients in several markets. I will outline what the Apache Hadoop framework is from a technical point of view and I will explain why it could be as relevant as its popularity suggest, also from a technical and application perspective. There will be examples of what you can and cannot do with it and when it makes sense to use such a technology. And, last but not least, there will be cool things that you can try at home (or at your office, given time), because you should build a Hadoop cluster too! Code will be involved...

Keywords: Hadoop, Big Data, scalable processing, NoSQL, Cloud, Java

Target Audience: Developers and architects who agree that data is an asset which should be used to extract valuable information.