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Jonas Maturana Larsen, Co-Founder of Less Painful

Jonas Maturana Larsen

Biography: Jonas Maturana Larsen

Jonas is one of the cofounders of LessPainful - trying to make developing Android application more about developing and less about testing.
Until recently Jonas worked as a consultant at Trifork mostly doing larger Java projects.

In LessPainful he is doing Mobile, Ruby, Cloud and all kind of fancy stuff.

Twitter: @jonasmaturana

Presentation: Striking back at the Android horde

Track: Tools / Time: Thursday 17:00 - 17:50 / Location: Foyer

Mobile devices has claimed first place from the browsers in the fragmentation game. Clearly Android is scoring most of the fragmentation points for the team but iOS isn't just idly standing by.
In this presentation we will show you some of the nasty differences we have found between the platforms . We will introduce the BDD framework Cucumber and show you how we use it to ease the pain of testing a lot of Android devices across different manufacturers, screen sizes and Android versions.
The presentation will also contain an introduction to, our awesome and cost efficient service for testing your Android (and soon to come - iOS) apps.