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Matthias Wessendorf, Working on HTML5, WebSocket & related technologies

Matthias Wessendorf

Biography: Matthias Wessendorf

Matthias is a senior software developer at Kaazing, where he is focusing on HTML5, WebSocket and related technologies to enable the "next generation web".

Twitter: @mwessendorf

Presentation: Building next-generation Web Apps with WebSocket and HTML5

Track: JavaScript / Time: Thursday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Amsterdam Room

To enable Sever-Side-Push in Web-Applications a lot of hacks (aka Comet/Bayeux) have been done in the past. The WebSocket spec fixes that by introducing a bi-directional and full duplex communication channel over a single TCP connection, which can be easily used to extend high-level protocols (such as JMS, AMQP or XMPP) to the browser. This session gives an overview of the WebSocket API and shows how to use with other HTML5 APIs to build powerful and future-proof Web-Applications.

Keywords: WebSocket, HTML5, JavaScript, JMS, AMQP, Messaging, XMPP
Target Audience: Developers that are interested in the capabilities of WebSocket or want to know how-to bring existing server systems, like JMS or AMQP, to the Web.