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Peter Maas, Technical Team Lead at eBay

Peter Maas

Biography: Peter Maas

Peter has been building software (mostly for the web) for about 12 years now. Currently employed as technical team lead at eBay Classified Group where he develops software within the Marktplaats portfolio, scrumming closely together with the busines. Enjoys working on the Java platform, but preferably in any language but Java.

Twitter: @p3t0r

Presentation: Introducing Scala in Java programmer territory

Track: Solution Track Thursday / Time: Thursday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Volmer Rooms

As an early adopter of Scala, I quickly noticed its vast potential and decided I want to use it on my next project. It took over two years of workshops, presentations, code examples and perseverance to actually get developers to accept it as a useful tool in their toolbox.

During this presentation I would like to share my learnings. Not in the form of lengthy philosophical discussions about learning curves, productivity or adoption rates but by running through a collection of the various code fragments I used in my quest to interest people in learning a new language. Do built-in parser combinators help? Do Java developers miss tail recursion? How many DSLs do you implement per year? Everybody is tired of annotation-riddled Java… right? Does "just start by writing tests in Scala" work? Is interoperability with Java frameworks straightforward?

The intention of all this is to help other people in their mission to keep innovating on a team or organizational level… and to share some of his love for the Scala language.

Keywords: Scala, Java, Innovation, Change, Tools
Target Audience: Developers, Architects and IT Managers