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Stefan Kohler, Atlassian Consultant at 42

Stefan Kohler

Biography: Stefan Kohler

Stefan Kohler is Atlassian Consultant at 42, working together with customers to change their approach on software development and project management. Stefan has extensive knowledge of development infrastructures and how tools can bring back the fun into development. Prior to his consultant role at 42 he worked on many agile projects as JAVA developer and Scrum Master.Stefan founded the Atlassian User Group in the Netherlands, early 2010. He organized several successful meetings where users can share their knowledge and best-practices with each other.

Twitter: @stefankohler

Presentation: Quality through Tools

Track: Solution Track Thursday / Time: Thursday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Volmer Rooms

In Software, every customer and manager is expecting a high quality product, but that is proving to be harder than it sounds. We put a lot of time and effort in writing tests to prove the software is correct and analyzing its metrics. But do we have the right tools for the job? Are we focusing on the right type of quality and can we do a better job, supported by the right tools?

During this talk we will go into what quality means and how we can categorize quality. Per category we look at the different tools, what they can offer us and why the tools have an important role in our quality-focused infrastructure. Afterwards you will have an impression of the tools on the market which can help you achieve higher quality in your products and you will have an understanding of the purpose of those tools.

Keywords: Quality, Process, Tools, Development Infrastructure, Continuous Integration,
Target Audience: Senior Developers, Architects and IT Managers