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Tom Wilkie, VP of Engineering at Acunu

Tom Wilkie

Biography: Tom Wilkie

Tom co-founded Acunu and leads the engineering team. He previous worked in a range of engineering roles at both Citrix and XenSource managing key customer projects with major enterprises. As one of the first employees at XenSource he played a key part in developing the XenServer management stack. He holds an MA in Computer Science from Cambridge University where he was also a research assistant.

Twitter: @tom_wilkie

Presentation: Supercharging your Big Data project with Cassandra and Acunu

Track: Solution Track Thursday / Time: Thursday 17:00 - 17:50 / Location: Volmer Rooms

The standard Linux storage stack wasn’t designed for write-heavy big data workloads, nor is it well-suited to modern hardware: large, slow SATA disks, SSDs or many cores, leading to significant performance limitations for NOSQL stores and the applications they support.

In this talk, Tom Wilkie will explain how Acunu's Big Data storage engine, Castle, can provide up to 100x performance improvement to Apache Cassandra, the write-optimised second generation distributed database. Castle, an open-source project, is a ground-up overhauling of RAID, file systems, and the POSIX interface, fundamentally . It is released under the GPL and runs as part of the Linux kernel. Tom will also discuss the algorithms involved and real world use cases. Expect graphs, maths and more...

Keywords: Apache, Big data, NOSQL, Cassandra, cloud, performance
Target Audience: software developers, system architects, system engineers, performance managers